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Punch Card Sample
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Custom Software
[version 1.02]

☕ This is a SIMPLE TO USE online Punch Card recording system:

* that enable users to record their attendances by Selfie Photo & Auto Address Location services,

* for ANY coordinates worldwide, as long as there is GPS signals.

(* Their attendances can be monitored from back-end system in Real-Time.)

☕ Retail at SGD $1999/=

Front-end APPS (New iOs + Android App) 

*This App.

*Wifi/ data/ Location services would have to be Turned ON.

*User will record their attendances with Auto Address Location services & their Selfie Photos. They will also be able to check their monthly attendance report.

Back-end SERVER (old ASPx + new WEB API)

*Registration of Apps' Accounts can be controlled by the Back-End Server.

* Admin can view/ update ALL attendances.

*Admin can configure users' attendancesĀ rules by one or all of the following methods:

Auto-location with address details.

• Scanning of Pass No/ WP by bar-code scanner.

• Selection of Shifts.

Capture of Selfie Photo, for personal identification

• Re-setup users' shift settings & details.

All attendances records can be exported to Excel for HR PayRoll or furthur manipulations.