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- This online system is used by Security Agencies to keep records of all the staff, visitors and contractors in/ out movements, in real-time, for the condominiums and commercial buildings under their charge. - By just changing the link file <- This system can be duplicated for MULTIPLE SITES. - All records can be exported to Excel, given the correct user permissions.
- This is a online quotation system that can be customized to the respective industry, to allow users to efficiently produce quotes on-the-go. - Ease of use is exemplified through multiple selections of user-defined pre-set records libraries to generate respective quotes, quickly. - ALL records can be downloaded, print, export to excel and pdf.
Cloud and Web Services # Staff Attendance Tracking, with Monthly Punch-Cards Retreivals Sales, Accounts, Inventory, Import & Export, Renovation, Security, Payroll, Recruitment, others Windows Applications # ...others # Visitor Management Software - Condominium Bar Code Scanner to spread-sheet # (Web-Service Encryptions) # Android Apps Auto-Selfie with real-time Address - upload f/b # Digital Punch Cards - Home ☕ Digital Punch Cards - HandPhone App (full ver.) # ☕ Retail at SGD $4999/= ☕ Retail at SGD $7999/=